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BOOST Athletic Performance provides the bridge between established sport skill development and the need for fitness performance enhancement. 

Our goal for the individual athlete is to provide exercise science based fitness training approaches to facilitate optimal level performance for a longer period of time.  We want your athletic fitness level to enable you to make the play late in the game, and late in the season.   

The fitness development of the athlete is the focus of BOOST Athletic Performance.  BOOST helps coaches manage consistent fitness training so that their energy can go into planning practices, strategy, and skill development.  We have created an evidence based program to alleviate the tedious extra work involved in planning a fitness routine.  We supply coaches with fitness plans that are calendared, provide a phone app for player input, collect and analyze the teams fitness data, and share the athletes’ progress with their coaches.  We also look for indicators of over training, fatigue, and other social emotional factors that may impact an athletes performance.

Our focus is to put individual athletes, and teams, in the best possible position for success.

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Inclusive Packages at 
BOOST Athletic Performance

At BOOST Athletic Performance, we make sure to give you the flexibility and support you need to keep you moving and achieving more goals. Our plans and packages range from basic data management to complete training consulting.

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Individual Plans

Your Journey Starts Here

Your journey starts here.  Get ready to find what truly defines you and experience new challenges that will enhance your overall performance. Our individual plans focus on the athlete in you.  We connect your performance goals to the level of fitness needed for success!

Team Packages

Feel the Adrenaline

With professional consultants and evidence based results—no wonder the Team Packages are the most highly requested plans.  Book your consultation today to begin your teams journey to enhanced performance.  Feel the adrenaline as your team rises late in the game and deep into the playoffs!

Club Packages

Get in the Game

Our Club Packages are the perfect solution to your full programs needs. With options available from a complete unified fitness approach to individual team needs, fitting into your program philosophies and goals.  Get in the game and bring your club to the next level!  

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BOOST Reports

The DATA Story

We want you to get the most out of your BOOST Experience. That is why we provide various reports so that you can see real time information on your growth and fitness success!.


Anytime, Anywhere

We Make It EASY!

Athletes will be able to access their program via a variety of platforms.  These include IOS (I-Phones), Android devices, tablets, I-Pads, Chromebooks, desktops and laptops!


Athletic Performance

Program Pricing

Your Journey Starts Here

Our program allows for individuals, teams and clubs to select pricing plans that work for them.

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"As a head football coach, I am looking to maximize time and efficiency.  During the off-season, this system allows me to focus on coaching my kids technique and use the analytics to celebrate individual success.  During the in-season program, I count on this program to guide the athletes through their workouts with the intentional focus of maintaining off-season gains and minimizing in-season injuries."

Steve Winiecki
Head Senior 
Football Coach

Elegant Female

"This program has been amazing for our Senior and Junior Women's basketball program.  We always competed with the bigger programs but were constantly getting worn down.  This program gave us an edge and we were able to perform at a high level when it counted the most--late in the 4th quarter!"

Dani Ripky
Head Senior Women's
Basketball Coach


We used this system as a means to have a unified approach towards training our athletes.  Initially, our goal was simply to get our student-athletes bigger, faster and stronger.  Now, we have a number of our male and female athletes playing 2-3 different sports.  This has brought our athletic program to a different level as our athletic teams are training together.  We have become one and all of our teams are enjoying success!

Dan O'Keefe
Athletic Director


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