Anytime, Anywhere

We Make It EASY!

Athletes will be able to access their BOOST program via a variety of platforms.  These include IOS (I-Phones), Android devices, tablets, I-Pads, Chromebooks, desktops and laptops!

Easy Access.  Anytime, Anywhere

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Save Time, Save Paper

Your Journey Begins Here

With The BOOST system, coaches focus their time on coaching.  We focus on specific customized programs while eliminating paper!

Input and Tracking

Feel the Adrenaline

The App allows for easy input and  real time data analysis.  Athletes do not need to guess how much weight, how many reps or sets--it is all there.  Athletes can also see their progress and projected max outputs!

Communication is Key

Get in the Game

At BOOST, we like to celebrate every athletes personal success!  We do this by

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Auto Notifications for Athlete PR's

Athlete video journal

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