BOOST Reports

Evidence Based BOOST Programming.
The DATA Story!

We want you to get the most out of your BOOST Experience. That is why we provide various reports so that you can see real time information on your growth and fitness success!.

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Completion Report

This basic report acts as a participation report by measuring how often an athlete logged prescribed training data. It will list how many exercises an athlete(s) was assigned and it will report how many exercises the athlete(s) completed.

Max Report.png

Max Report

The Rep Max is the most common weight room testing metric. A Max Report generates a list of 1RM or multi-rep maxes for each athlete for various exercises. It also generates the total for these maxes, divides the total by the athletes’ bodyweight in order to create a relative strength coefficient to display “pound for pound” strength.

Progress Report.png

Progress Report

One of the most popular reports in BOOST, this report provides a highly-visual representation of progress for multiple exercises and metrics over time. This is an amazing way to see evidence based growth.

Workout Results.png

Individual Workout Results Report

Workout Results report is a training log and can pinpoint data from any workout recorded in an athlete’s history. This report will allow coaches to see an athletes performance on a specific day.

Testing Evaluation .png

Evaluation Report

The Evaluations feature in BOOST reporting allows for the  creation of customized testing such as a combine or movement screen. This enables a strength program to design and record data for their specific testing needs. An Evaluation Report will generate a report based on that testing data. A report can generate results for one day or results over a period of time.

Comparison Report.png

Comparison Report

The Comparison Report will compare 1RM for athletes over time including the specific change between dates in order to quantify Progression.

Questionaire Sport Science .png

Questionnaire Report

The Questionnaire Report is built into the Sports Science module and will allow t an “upper” or “lower” limit in order to receive notification when athlete responses exceed one of these limits. For example, if the lower limit on SLEEP HOURS is 5, and an athlete answers 4 hours of sleep then the report will produce a red cell.

Opt Out and Notes.png

Opt Out and General Notes

Athletes have the option to “Opt Out” of an exercise due to injury, prohibition, lack of equipment or to substitute with another exercise. Athletes can also write in notes for feedback on certain exercises. It is also very common for coaches and athletic trainers to report on Opt Outs and Notes via this report in order to create a “paper trail” for when athletes do not participate in a prescribed exercise or have feedback regarding the program.